Blue Lettuce — François Boucher

"De ces jeunes guerriers la flotte vagabonde, alloit courre fortune aux orages du monde." François de Malherbe

Out of time in Wan Chai

From a not too distant past in Wan Chai district, Hong Kong, take:
1° An idealistic revolutionary: a dreamer but nevertheless a bright young lady;
2° A heavy set French man: a quiet, aging arms dealer;
3° A cop, somewhat corrupted. Immerse them all in a tram preheated by political unrest.
First boil, then leave to cool in icy hatred and cold-blooded revenge. Serve with just a splash of blood and spice with the zest of love. Finally, taste without fear, and experience, along with the characters in this story, the feeling of being somewhat ‘out of time’.

Translated from the French by Marie-Hélène Arnauld and Denis Williamson.

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